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Monday, August 8, 2011

Scorcher Blog Tour Week 2 – Beauty

Summer Scorcher Blog Tour
Week 2 – Beauty (part 5)

Welcome to Part 5 of Sarah Grimm’s guest blog on the Summer Scorcher Blog Tour – Week 2.
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Let’s pick up where we left off – with Noah showing Isabeau just how beautiful she is:

He leaned in and put his mouth to her ear. “You have eyes like fog.” The lilting baritone of his voice washed over her and she let out a little helpless moan. “Truly amazing eyes that change color with your mood. Right now they are blue. Can you see that?”

He skimmed his hands down her arms, trailed his fingers over the backs of her hands. The shock of pleasure stole her breath. Every nerve ending in her body quivered.
 “Your mouth is so sexy.” The sound that rumbled in his throat had something curling hard in her stomach. “I imagine the things you could do with that mouth.”

The mouth he spoke of dropped open as he nipped the back of her neck.

“The first time you smiled at me you stole my breath. I spent weeks trying to get you to do it again, struggling to understand what I’d done to stop you from gifting me with your smile. What was it, Isa?”

“You…noticed me.”

“I noticed you? How couldn’t I? Your hair, your skin.” Nimble fingers worked down the front of her shirt, revealing a little more of her skin with every button that slipped free. “I can’t stop touching you. Reaching for you. I imagine my hands on you, light against your dark. Here, on your stomach.”

Isabeau sucked air greedily into her lungs when his hand pressed against her stomach. She stared, mesmerized by the contrast of his pale hand against her darker, golden tones.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this blog AND the other five blogs on the scorcher Tour to be entered into the drawing this week. One lucky winner will receive a PDF copy of AFTER MIDNIGHT and be forwarded into the final drawing at the end of the tour for a $30 gift certificate.

To continue to Part 6 (and see if Isabeau can be convinced she’s beautiful) – Visit Arial Burnz’s Blog

Can music heal a fractured soul?

September 30, 2011
The Wild Rose Press

Scorcher Tour Week 1 Winner – Na from Canada!
Na won an eBook copy of Midnight Conquest. Congratulations!


  1. Izzy should think she's beautiful! I love all of the excerpts and have this as a to-read! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  2. Yay, so glad to hear your interest is peaked enough to add it to your TBR list! That's a huge compliment. Thank you.

  3. It's a pleasure to have you herre, Sarah. Great blog post. Your book is going on my 'must read' list!

  4. Thanks Darlene! I love hearing that!

  5. His touch could only make her more beautiful by adding music to heal her fractured soul. Beautifully written.

  6. Hotter and hotter!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  7. Thanks, Linda! Your kind words mean a lot to me.

  8. Mara-

    This is one of my favorite scenes in the book. :-)

  9. The excerpts just keep getting better and better. I hope Izzy is starting to see that she really is a beautiful woman. Ashley A.

    Comment posted by Darlene FOR Ashley who was having problems posting a comment.

  10. She figures it out! Thanks for commenting, Ashley