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Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Scorcher Blog Tour: Why Vampires Are Sexy (# 6)

Scorcher Blog Tour: Why Vampires Are Sexy (Part 6)

Welcome to Part 6 of Arial Burnz’s guest blog post on the Scorcher Blog Tour – Week 1! You made it!

If this is your first stop, you’ll want to go back to Part 1 (Arial's blog) and continue through to Sarah, Amie, Lisa, and AJ, before returning here.
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Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Darlene!!

And now the conclusion of our topic Why Vampires Are Sexy: I think, finally, a theme that seems consistent with vampires is the addiction the vampire has for the mortal. Like the excerpt in Part 5, it’s fighting that temptation and keeping their hunger for blood separate from their sexual hunger.

NOT that I’m comparing my novel to the Twilight Saga, but one of the biggest draws I heard from readers about why they loved that series so much was Edward’s uncontrollable desire for Bella, his addiction to her and how much he loved and was so devoted to her. What woman doesn’t want to be desired so completely? Such devotion toward the heroine is the main reason for the popularity of the romance genre…and vampires only heighten that experience.

There’s a raw hunger and sexuality that accompanies the vampire romance tales because the supernatural tends to cross boundaries into the spiritual and psychic realms. Which brings us to our sixth sense in our blog tour of heightened senses: spiritual connections. In my series BONDED BY BLOOD, my vampires don’t dream…and yet Broderick does. His dreams are centered around, and are in the proximity of, Davina. They have a spiritual connection that is unknown in the world of my vampire lore. They are soul mates that transcend the centuries and immortality.

So, in your final post for this blog tour, let’s explore the sense of spirituality at it pertains to vampires. What do YOU find hot about the SPIRITUALITY of vampires? Like MIDNIGHT CONQUEST, there are many stories that touch on psychic and spiritual connections between mortals and immortals, the hero and heroine. Perhaps there’s an element of the lore that intrigues you, such as the origin of vampires and the reasons for their immortality. Please share, and thank you for all the sharing you’ve done during this blog tour! Good luck on the drawing!

That’s my two pence…Arial ;)

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this blog AND at the other five blogs on the Scorcher Tour to be entered into the drawing this week. One lucky winner will receive an eBook copy of MIDNIGHT CONQUEST and be forwarded into the final drawing at the end of the blog tour for a $30 gift certificate.

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  1. Thanks for having me on your beautiful blog, Darlene!!

  2. It's great having you here, Arial! Good post, and I love the cover for Midnight Conquest

  3. Thanks so much!!! The covers are designed with the series in mind. When you lay the books all together (when they're done), the bottom scenery will all connect to form one picture. Can't wait to see the whole series finished.

  4. I think the biggest example of the vampire spirituality and the bond they share with the soul mate is in Bram Stoker's Dracula (with Gary Oldman of course HOT!) He uses the line "I have crossed oceans of time to find you." I think that line right there sold me. I was done for! It is that link that he crossed through time and beat death just to find HER again. His, Mina.

    I'm a pretty independent woman,but even I write my heroines with the need for an Alpha male! =)


  5. Being connected spiritually literally brings it to another level of attachment between the vamp and heroine. I mean, let's face it, if your souls are connected, how hot is the sex gonna be? By the same token, how tight the connection and possible addiction to the other soul for your very survival can be. Thanks for a great topic. I could talk vamps all day!
    marajbrandon AT gmail DOT com

  6. Absolutely, Linds!!! What woman doesn't want to be desired and devoured by her man. That's what I'm having such a fun time with in my Bonded By Blood series. Broderick does the same, goes from one century to the next, looking for his Davina. Eternal love! Thanks for making it all the way to the end of the tour!

  7. Mara, we are kindred spirits! I could talk Vamps forever!!! Yes, that spiritual connection transcends the relationship to a height that words fail to reach. I appreciate you taking the full tour and hope you enjoyed. Good luck to everyone!

  8. Vampires are very in touch with their spiritual side, especially as they are old souls that have or can live for centuries. They are raw and have a wild animalisitc side that makes them territorial so any female they choose are not only under their protection but are secure knowing they are cherished above all. Vampires don't connect easily so when they do it's enduring.

  9. I totally agree, Na! There is a spiritual element in my series that connects Broderick and Davina through the centuries...but not in the way you would think (I hope). No one's going to find that out, however, until Book 3! Thanks again for taking the tour!

  10. That super connection is very sensual and attractive!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. Thanks so much for participating and congratulations for making it to the end post...all of you. Winner to be announced shortly.

  12. Scorcher Tour Week 1 - Winner!

    Na from Canada won an eBook copy of Midnight Conquest. Congratulations!