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Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Scorcher Blog Tour Week 6 - The Perfect Hero

Scorcher Blog Tour Week 6
The Perfect Hero
By Darlene Fredette

Where have the past five weeks gone? If you missed one of the Scorcher Blog Posts, here’s a little recap.

Week 1 – Arial Burnz: Why Vampires Are Sexy.
Sexy yes, but I still sleep with the blankets up to my chin.

Week 2 – Sarah Grimm: Beauty
After reading Sarah’s post, I think all women should take a moment to find their beauty.

Week 3 – Amie Louellen: Intimacy and Other Things
Twelve stages of intimacy! Who knew! I dare you to ask a man how many there are.

Week 4 – Lisa Sanchez: Things That Make You Go ‘Ooooh’!
Piercings and tattoos...ouch!

Week 5 – AJ Nuest: Man Candy
Did you see the pictures of Alex O’Loughlin? Yummy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past five weeks as much as I have. There’s a bit of sadness as we move into our last week of the tour, but I hope to close on a fun and scorching post.

My Scorcher ladies have graciously agreed to help me with my post by answering a few questions about their perfect hero. However, they have no idea how I’m incorporating their answers into my post. Mmwah haha!

Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Perfect Hero
Welcome to part 1 of my blog post on the Scorcher Blog Tour.

Have you ever read a romance story with an ugly hero? I don’t think so! As soon as the author introduces the reader to the hero, his awesome physical attributes has the reader wishing she was the heroine.

But we all have an image of our perfect hero...from head to toe. Let’s have some fun and break down our hero into sections.

To read the next instalment...and you don’t want to miss this one...go to Arial’s blog ( BUT before you go, answer my question below. AND don’t forget to comment on all of my six instalments of The Perfect Hero for a chance to win a PDF copy of Keeping Secrets. You MUST answer all six questions from each instalment to have your name included in the draw. The winner will then move on to the grand prize drawing of a $30 Amazon Gift Card.

Question 1: Tell me your thoughts on the Scorcher Blog Tour. Have you joined in with a comment or just lurking?

It's all about the secrets in...Keeping Secrets!

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  1. I ended up joining in, I really enjoyed most of the post-even learned a few things (12 steps of dating...never knew there was 12). edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  2. Great tour! Wow... I left comments and answers but I'm blushing big time for it!

  3. Hi Krystal, thanks for joining us!

    Hi Calisa, great comments! lol!

  4. I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun participating in a blog tour. I thought this one was a BLAST, and even though I hate to see it go, I'm excited that we've all become such great friends. That mean we can do this again really soon!! Hugs!

  5. I have been having a blast and am also sad that thie is the last week. I have been a very active participant, commenting on most, if not all blogs every week, without fail. I tend to get involved when the contests are on the smaller side, because I feel like I get to know the authors who write back to me week after week - and you know who your are!
    I think I'm signed with almost all you fine ladies so that when this is truly over (after having won the grand prize, of course!) I'll make sure I'm on everyone's mailing list or bloggie-thingy.
    Thanks for this last one!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  6. AJ, it has been a lot of fun!

    MJB, thank you for being a dedicated follower of the tour! So happy to hear you've had as much fun as we have.

  7. on that i have look at the blog all the time and read it and then i love to read new books and the blog site are fun to meet new authors who have book to read good luck

  8. Thank you to everyone who participated in my blog post, AND to everyone who participated during the past six weeks. You've made this tour a lot of fun!