Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette

Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Editorial Servies

Finding the Write Words – Freelance Editing Packages

Let me help you, find the write words!

Package #1 
Line edits and comments for first 30 pages (maximum), query letter, and synopsis.  

Package #2 
Content Evaluation Report 
A read through of the manuscript providing an evaluation report (only) of inconsistencies with the following: Plot and resolution, point of view, dialogue, awkward sentences, time line issues, character development (motivation, goals, and conflict), pacing, voice tense, narrative and author intrusion, and imagery.

Package #3 
Copy Edit 
Proofread manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, minor sentence structure, and repetition.

Package #4 
Content Edit 
Detailed edit, line by line for plot and resolution, point of view, dialogue, awkward sentences and phrases, time line issues, character development (motivation, goals, and conflict), pacing, voice tense, narrative and author intrusion, imagery, sentence structure, filtering, typos, repetition, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. 

Double Pass 
A second content editing process including all features listed under Package #4.
*Only applicable to clients purchasing Package #4*

To receive package rates, please contact me. 

Pricing and Payment 
Quotes for editorial work are valid for thirty days from date of issue. If the scope or length of the project changes significantly from when the initial quote is given, the quote must be amended, and agreed upon by email. 
When an agreement has been reached and contract signed, payment of 50% of the total project fee is required. The remaining 50% will be billed once the editing project is complete. 
Payments accepted in Canadian and US dollars only. 
Editorial fees processed through Paypal. 
Editing will commence following receipt of 50% of total project fee. 
Refunds will not be issued after the editing project has been completed. 
Returning clients have the potential of being quoted at a lower rate. 

Term and Conditions
Fiction projects that contain a romance element are my preference, however other genres will also be considered.
I do not accept projects containing: GLBT, BDSM, M/M. F/F, Menage, violence, racism, profanity, or abuse of any kind.
Completion dates are based on current workload when a client’s manuscript is received. Multiple projects may be in the queue, therefore be sure to contact me early to ensure there will be enough time to get through your manuscript. 
All work is to be a Word.doc manuscript format with double spacing, one inch margins, and Times New Roman 12 font. 
Editorial comments and edits are noted through Tracking Changes in the Word document. 
Advise if your project is intended as a publishing house submission or self-publishing. 

The Fine Print 
All work is guaranteed confidential. Author’s work will not be shared in any manner. 
Editing by a freelance editor does not ensure acceptance by a publisher or the house where I work. 
As editor, I am not held responsible for any aspect of your manuscript’s outcome. Freelance editing service will not guarantee a publishing contract. 
Be aware, although I take great care with all editorial work, no one is perfect and mistakes are possible through human error. Final responsibility for the work remains with the author. 
My freelance editing services are independent. The freelance editing projects I accept have nothing to do with the publishing houses I work with. 

You’re entitled to see how I edit before committing, and I’m entitled to see what type of project you have before committing. To determine if I’m the right editor for you, I offer a free sample edit. Send me the first five pages of your manuscript, Ill edit and return to you. If you think we’d make a good team, contact me for my package rates. 

For more information or to discuss an editing project, please contact me with the genre, word and page counts of the work you want considered, and your proposed deadline for completion. editordarlenelf(at)gmail(dot)com

Darlene has over twenty eight years experience in administrative and secretarial management with certificates in grammar and proofreading, secretarial, and computer literacy. In addition, she developed and publishes an electronic magazine (distributed to a large subscriber readership across Canada, United States, and Europe) since 2003, owned and operated an publishing house for three years, and currently works as an editor with a well-known, reputable publishing house. She is also an author of two published novels. When Darlene isn’t editing, writing, or reading she enjoys spending time with her family. 

With my experience as a published author, I know that each story is written with the author’s heart and soul. It’s my goal as editor to offer my clients editorial guidance and constructive advice that will make their story shine. As a trained editor, I give 110% to every client. I don’t re-write my clients’ stories, but I will offer suggestions and advice, which will be the clients’ choice to accept or decline. Let me help you, find the write words! 

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