Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette

Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Update - March 5, 2015

Winter just won't go away and Mother Nature isn't done yet! Anyone living on the East Coast knows what I'm talking about. Lots of cold temps, snow, and ice. You either have huge snow banks or several inches of ice...or as in my area, we have both snow banks and ice. I'm sure we'll still be chipping away the ice in mid-April.

While the terrible weather is a real mood-downer, I am making progress with my writing...slowly, but I'm getting through.

Twist of Faith will be available on March 18! I'm so excited for this release. I love the cover, and can't wait for my readers to enjoy Katrina and Nick's story.

Hershey's Choice is finally done. With the help two wonderful beta readers, I polished it with a round of edits, then wrote a blurb and synopsis. Hershey's Choice is now in the hands of two publishers. The dreaded wait begins.

I am now ready to start a new story, well it's not actually new. I started writing this series a while back, but placed it on the back-burner while working on Twist of Faith and Hershey's Choice. I'm happy to return to my Daddy's Girls Series. I plan to write a chapter from each story, then dig into Hanna's story (book one in the series).

Be sure to return on March 9th. I'm sharing a sneak peek at Twist of Faith in the TransCRW Romancing The 8 Blog Tour!

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