Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette

Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TransCRW Romancing the 8 Blog Tour - Sept 8th

Today I’m sharing 8 sentences from Twist of Faith, my third title released in March 2015.

Katrina, now believing he meant no harm, accepted the hand he offered to help her from the floor. She ignored the tingling sensation running up her arm, knowing the fuss couldn’t be from the strong hand holding hers.

He inhaled a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak, but shook his head instead. Frowning, he pointed a finger toward the card on the floor and limped to the exit, slamming the door behind him.

She bent to pick up the card, which read, Donaldson and Porter, Architecture and Contracting, Nick Porter. Her shoulders dropped. “Damn!” Katrina now had less than twenty-four hours to master the art of groveling.

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  1. Clever title, beautiful cover, gotta be a great story.
    Can't wait to see the cover for Hershey's Choice.