Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette

Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

At the Cottage with Colleen Donnolly

Welcome to the cottage, Colleen! 

It's a damp and rainy day out there today so, please take a seat on one of the comfy chairs in the sitting room by the fire. 

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am Colleen Donnelly, a scientist by day and a writer by night. I enjoy both worlds – fact and fiction – but I have to admit the fiction world draws my heart more and more. My roots began and are now again in the Midwestern US, having slipped out for quite a few years in between to experience other cultures and sections of the country. I’m a better listener than talker, prefer healthy food over junk, and will always choose a quiet atmosphere over a noisy one.

Let’s talk about writing and books. 

What does your writing space look like? 
You know what they say – location, location, location. My location is a cozy living room, in spite of the fact I fixed up a writing room in the back of my home that overlooks a grove of pine trees. I write better amidst what I call “tasteful clutter” which in my living room amounts to two comfy loveseats, antique trunks, pillows, floor lamps, and a wall of art unique to me and my taste.
Your writing space sounds very comfy!

What do you like to do after finishing a manuscript to reward yourself? 
I’d entertain any suggestions you might have in this area. A few years ago I was sitting at a writer’s conference when I “heard” a prompt inside that said, “Take this on as a job.” From that point on I wrote feverishly, one book after another, only a pause in between. I just finished a manuscript and my mind is crying out for a real break. A treat, as you say. And it has to be more than an exhausted sigh over a yummy Starbucks.
Our minds sometimes need a break between stories.

What is the favourite book you’ve written, and why?
Even though my first book, “Mine to Tell” became an Amazon #1 bestseller, it is “Asked For” that came from deeper within my soul. “Asked For” explores people at their best in the worst possible situation – a wife and her children under the tyranny of a selfish and unloving man. She and her offspring rise as individuals, as a family, and with the aid of another man who saw beauty where their husband/father didn’t.
Sounds like an interesting read.

Now, let’s get personal! 

What is one goal you’ve yet to reach? 
Writing full time. Is it possible? Possible or not, it’s a goal. And a passion.
It is possible...someday.

Tell us about an especially romantic moment/event in your life? 
I was at the top of a ladder, inside an old schoolhouse I was refinishing. The ceiling was twelve feet high, the windows nine, and I was working above one of those windows when I noticed on the ground below me in the yard outside, a man I’d been close to and good friends with for years. It was the way he stood watching me up through the window that told me he had something more to say than hello, or let’s go get a chilidog. And I was right. By the time I was down the ladder, he was in the schoolhouse, leading me to a chair where he knelt on the floor at my feet. “You don’t have to marry me,” he said, “although I’d love it if you would. But all I ask for now is that you stay. Stay close, stay forever, and stay mine.”
Wow, that is seriously romantic!

What are your hobbies away from the computer? 
Reading, drawing, being outdoors, antique collecting.

Are you an animal person? If so, what do you have? 
At the moment, I have a pug. I tell Mia often she is the Perfect Pug, and she is. Besides numerous cats and dogs that have spent their lives with me, I’m especially fond of goats and chickens. I don’t have either at the moment, but I did. Lots of them. If you want a treat, share your yard with a couple of goats and a flock of chickens.
I love pugs. They are adorable!

Pick None, One or Both. 

Tattoos or Piercings? Piercings – my ears
Paperback or eBook? PAPERBACK!
Twitter or Facebook? Facebook
Tea or Coffee? Coffee!!!
Wine or Cocktail? Sorry, none.
Early Morning or Late Evening? Definitely late evening.
Optimist or Pessimist? Optimist with occasional trepidation.
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Chocolate.
Spaghetti or Pizza? Pizza!

Describe yourself in three words. 
Pensive. Diligent. Homebody.

Thank you for visiting, Colleen! It’s been great getting to know you. Please stop by the cottage again soon! 

Where can we keep in touch with you?

Here's a peek at Colleen's book,
Mine to Tell
Annabelle Crouse is determined to reopen her great-grandmother’s boarded-up house—and her shunned life. Many years earlier, after an unexplained absence, Julianne was relegated to a separate home by a rigidly unforgiving husband, and the Crouse women have suffered the disgrace of her assumed guilt ever since. Despite her family’s strong disapproval, Annabelle is driven to pursue her mission through cobwebs and dust, finding the clues and the coded story left behind by her great-grandmother—Why did she go? And why did she return? Anabelle has to know. Only one person, a man she grew up with but never noticed , stands with Annabelle as she discovers the parallels between her story and her great-grandmother’s—two women, generations apart, experiencing what love truly is.

Colleen is graciously offering a print copy of her newest book – Love on a Train. Leave a comment for your chance to win!
Draw to take place on Monday, June 13, 2016. Winner's name will be posted at the bottom of my blog under 'cottage giveaways'.


  1. Such a fun visit today, Colleen! The cover of Mine To Tell is beautiful. Give your pug a hug from me :)

  2. Thank you, Darlene! Even homebodies like to get out there and chat, and this was fun! My pug can use an extra hug...seems there are never enough as far as she's concerned, so thank you from Mia, too!

  3. HI Colleen: great interview. your cover looks like where I'd like to live. I have two goats right now, they are a mischievous handful, but make me laugh.

  4. I used to raise dairy goats for milk and for show. I loved them and highly recommend them as pets! Thank you for visiting the site!

  5. Lovely interview! I also love keeping chickens. They happy clucking sounds.

  6. Chickens are my other favorite. I've fended off more predators than I knew existed trying to defend my flock!

  7. Congratulations, Gini! Your name was draw to receive a copy of Colleen's new release, Love on a Train! We will contact you today.