Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette

Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

At the Cottage with Jeannie Hall

Welcome to the cottage, Jeannie!

Please take a seat on one of the comfy chairs on the front deck, overlooking the lake. What can I get you to drink? 
Hot cocoa would be lovely. Thank you, Darlene :)

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a small town girl from the South who feels blessed to be a published author. I’ve been married to my soul mate for twenty years – part of the reason I love writing romance. I write romantic suspense/thriller novels which are dark and intense.

Let’s talk about writing and books. 

What does your writing space look like? 
Honestly, I often write from my couch with my laptop. But I do have an office full of bookshelves and a nice cushy loveseat. I sit at an oak desk with my contest wins and finals and inspirational sayings above it. I also have a large tapestry depicting a family of cats by a fireplace on the wall.

If your book was made into a movie, who is your dream cast?
Bradley Cooper is definitely my Brennan – they have the same eyes. Brennan is a young professor who speaks out about cults for a living. I can totally see Bradley Cooper doing that role. Natalie Portman with red highlights would make a gorgeous Lynea. Lynea is desperate and running from her cult leader husband, but she’s very strong. The role would call for an actress capable of great intensity, and I think Natalie Portman would be perfect. Both Brennan and Lynea have tragic elements in their pasts, and I can easily see Bradley and Natalie pulling such backgrounds off.

What can we expect from you next? Are you working on anything new?
I’m currently working on book two of my Cult Wife series, tentatively entitled Violation of the Mind as well as a Christmas novella.

Now, let’s get personal! 

What is one thing people might be surprised to know about you? 
I love spelunking or caving and think bats are adorable. My hubby and I go to every cave we can find. We’ve been to the famous caves like Luray in Virginia and Carlsbad in New Mexico. In our early years, we climbed through a cave full of mud and boulders in Arkansas just to see what it looked like inside.

Tell us about an especially romantic moment/event in your life? 
My first kiss. It was with my husband. I was sixteen, and he was eighteen. It was the night of my junior prom. He asked permission and everything. It was very sweet, very memorable :)

What are your hobbies away from the computer? 
Besides writing, I love to read. I read everything from sweet romances to intense thrillers to erotic romance. I also read a lot of craft books on writing. I don’t shy away from much :)

Are you an animal person? If so, what do you have? 
I’m absolutely an animal person – a cat person specifically. We have two: Tinker and Drake. Tink’s sister Raven passed away a few years ago, but I like to make sure some amalgamation of the three end up in every story I write. In my debut released 3/2/16, Violation of Faith, the cat Dart is made up of my three kitty babies. Dart’s name came from the D in Drake, R from Raven, and T in Tinker.

None, One or Both

Tattoos or Piercings? None
Paperback or eBook? Both
Twitter or Facebook? Both
Tea or Coffee? Tea
Wine or Cocktail? Wine
Early Morning or Late Evening? Late Evening
Optimist or Pessimist? Optimist
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Both
Spaghetti or Pizza? Both

Describe yourself in three words. 
Dedicated, loving, goofy.

Thank you for visiting, Jeannie! It’s been great getting to know you. Please stop by the cottage again soon! 
Thanks so much for hosting me!

Where can we keep in touch with you?

Here's a peek at Jeannie's title,
Violation of Faith
      Lynea Kreig has spent the past three years being invisible. After running with her little sister halfway across the country–away from her abusive cult leader husband–she seeks nothing but safety and anonymity. When she’s offered a job which would keep her close to her sister, Lynea can’t refuse, even though she’ll have to work with a man who hates everything she used to be. 
      Ever since some wannabe Satanists murdered his sister, Professor Brennan Gage has been bent on eradicating cult activity. This obsession leaves little time for romance or anything else. Yet Lynea’s secretive nature both irritates and fascinates him, making her hard to ignore. 
      Over time, their close proximity morphs into mutual desire and a real chance at happiness. But happiness for Lynea will never be this simple, especially once her psychotic husband appears at the front door… 


Jeannie is giving away an eBook of Violation of Faith. Leave a comment for your change to win! Winner to be drawn on September 16, 2016.


  1. Thank you for such a fun interview, Jeannie! Your romantic moment is so sweet, and I love the name of your cats. Violation of Faith sure has a creepy cover...but in a good way for a thriller, lol.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me visit the Cottage, Darlene! 😃 I appreciate you!

  2. Another great interview. It is so interesting learning about other authors. Love bats too, but not so happy about entering caves! Violation of Faith sounds Spooky, a good read with Halloween not far off.

    1. Thanks so much, Gini! Glad I'm not the only bat-lover out there. 😃

  3. Nice interview. Interesting blurb. Good luck !

  4. Bats and cats and cults! Interesting interview. Best of luck with the book.

  5. Great interview. I always enjoy knowing what the author was seeing. Best wishes.

  6. Great interview, Jeannie! The cave thing is so neat!

  7. I love animals in stories, Jeannie. Love the blurb and excerpt. All the best! :)

  8. My husband loved caving, but I'm just too scared of tight spaces to go myself.

    I love that you incorporate your fur babies into your stories. I've got two dogs and a cat, and I really should put them in a story one day. I often pull personality traits and favorite sayings from my girls.

  9. The winner of Jeannie Hall's cottage visit giveaway of an eBook copy her title, Violation of Faith, is Lori Sizemore! Congratulations, Lori! Please contact me to receive your prize.

    1. Thanks so much. I received it in my email and I'm looking forward to reading it!