Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette

Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday's Muse - Never Enough Time

Before I start into today's Muse, I'd like to follow-up on last week's withdrawal from Game Of Thrones. While we were watching another show this week, we kept seeing ads for the second season of The Magicians. We didn't catch the first season, but we checked into it and found lots of positive reviews. So, I set my recorder for the second season, and while that season records, we started watching season one. What a good series! It's a fantasy, suspenseful show that pulls you in just after the first episode. Quinton is the best lead actor, and Penny is equally enjoyable. We've finished eight episodes already, and with only five remaining to this season, it won't be long before we are ready for season two. I definitely recommend this series!

Now on to this week's Monday's Muse...
Why is there never enough time in a day or week to get everything done that you planned to accomplish? I finished the third book in my Redford Falls series a week ago. The plan for last week was to review the last four chapters of comments from my beta readers (because I haven't gotten to them yet) then do a review from start to finish before sending it into my editor's hands. Well, once again, that plan didn't get very far...the didn't even get started. Daily life rudely pushed itself into my path and threw me into the bushes. I'll skip the details that stalled my progress by just saying by mid week to the end, stress built up and left me exhausted.
While the distraction was necessary, I felt disappointed I didn't get any editing done on my story. With today being another write-off, due to finalizing last week's distraction, I hope to start those edits on Tuesday and have them done by Friday. My goal of having my manuscript in my editor's hands will be delayed by a week...and I hope to see no further delays, but we all know how those perfect plans get tossed out the window in a moment's notice. I just have to ignore everything around me and...get 'er done. And just maybe, I'll get all those other things on my  list done too! Fingers crossed.
Do you find there's never enough time in your day to get your list of to-do's done? How do you handle the set-back?


  1. The magicians sound like one to check out. I see you posted this at 1 AM! I was up until 10 doing edits before tuning in my new book. Making lists helps me get things done, and rewards like food (chocolate) or giving myself permission to watch a show when I have put in a good days work and knocked the list down a little. I'm not sure there is an answer for too much to do and too little time. As with many the animals and family come first and unfortunately we writers sometimes come last and that's not good either. vitamins help ha ha.

    1. Hi Gini, I wasn't actually up at 1am writing this post, lol. I wrote the post the day before and preset the time and date for the post to go live :)
      I use a list to get things done, but it's a bummer when that list doesn't get shorter. You're right, as writers we tend to come in last and we'll just have to accept that, lol. And for sure, your fur babies come first :)