Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Monday's Muse - Love Every Day

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This week’s Monday’s Muse is celebrating the ultimate day of love...Valentine’s Day, which I’ll be highlighting throughout the week and to February 14 as a participant in the ABA (Awesome Bewitching Authors) A Time For Love Valentine Hop.

Love Every Day 
I’m a romantic at heart. I write about romance, I read romance books, and I watch romance movies. One would think that’s an overload of romance, but what is life without a little romance? Each day should be filled with sprinkle of love. However, there’s one day we have no choice but to share the love...Valentine’s Day.
When we first met, my husband and I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with a big evening out and elaborate gifts. We would buy each other a card and write silly love notes. We’d also include a small gift...a box of chocolates for him and a bouquet of flowers for me. I’d also cook a special supper with candles on the table. But as the years go on, and the older we get, the cards are no longer needed and the candles remain on the shelf. This Valentine’s Day, I’ll still get my husband a box of chocolates, and he’ll get me a lovely bouquet of flowers, but the day passes as the one before it. What remains is our love, which is as strong as the day we married. As we approach our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in May, we don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all the bells and whistles. We celebrate our love each and every day.

How do you and your special someone 
celebrate Valentine’s Day?
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  1. Sweet post, Darlene! Best of luck with Winter's Kiss.

  2. So beautiful written. What a blessed relationship shared by you and your husband. Congratulations on the upcoming 25th anniversary.

    1. Thank you, Gini. The 25th is a big one, so I guess we'll have to celebrate our wedding anniversary a bit glamorous this year, lol.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary! My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine Day either, apart from a nice dinner (at home). It's the other 364 days of the year that count. ;-)

    1. Thank you, Bridie. Nice to hear we're not the only couple who keeps the love alive the rest of the year :)

  4. Been married 32 years in March. We do the same and celebrate out love throughout the year. I usually give him a chocolate bar and card. We take in the Scottish festival (either on around Valentine's Day. This year it's on the 18th on the Queen Mary. Fun times!) My husband pretends to love all the Celtic jewelry I show him. lol Usually go home with a piece. :)

    1. Hi Karen, happy anniversary to you in March! You'll have to let me know what jewelry piece you go home with this year ;)

  5. Stopped by to say hello. Wow, you must be doing something right to be married for so long! Happy early Anniversary!

    1. Hi Catherine! Thank you for stopping by, and for the anniversary wishes :)