Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Day in The Life #1

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In the September issue, I took over the new feature, A Day in The Life, and shared a fun day my daughter and I spent hanging out at the waterfront and watching the Parade of Sail. The feature included several photographs we took...

A fire-boat/tug-boat shooting water high into the sky.
A beautiful site.
A weed growing from the rocks. I thought it was a cool picture, and yes, boredom had set in as we waited for the parade to begin.
Leading the parade was the local favourite, The Bluenose II, a boat so famous to Canada and its history, that its featured on the Canadian dime.
Another impressive ship was the American USCGC Eagle: U.S. Coast Guard.
Many ships passed and many photographs later, we took one last photo of the ship from Spain, the El Galeon. This tall ship look liked Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. Very cool!
We spotted this beautiful arrangement to celebrate 
Canada’s 150 birthday.
A scenic view of the waterfront as the last few ships ended their tour in town.

The fun we had overshadowed the exhaustion and sunburn. Nothing can compare to sharing these moments with my daughter that will make everlasting memories. Ones I will cherish forever. I wanted to share a photo of us at the end of our day, but there was no way I was sharing the silly ‘selfies’ we took. Some photos should just be kept to ourselves, lol.

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