Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette

Finding The Write Words with Darlene Fredette
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Guest Visit - Hywela Lyn

Chatting with me on this beautiful September day is Hywela Lyn. Grab a chair and join us on the deck for a cup of hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows.

Today, we're getting an inside peek at Hywela Lyn and her series, The Destiny Trilogy!

Hywela, what is your favourite drink?
I don’t drink a lot but I’m quite partial to a sweet white wine, and what I really, really like is Mead. An ancient wine blended with honey and herbs, originally made by monks. It’s quite sweet and very potent and I first tasted it at a wedding in a castle in Wales.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a UK writer published with the Wild Rose Press, in the U.S. and am a member of the Romance Novelists' Association (U.K.). I indulge my fantasies by crafting romantic tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy, set on far away planets and alternate worlds. I love the outdoors, and the wild and rugged countryside of Wales, where I was born and spent most of my life, with its beautiful landscapes and rich folklore and legends, inspired much of my writing. I am passionate about all animals, especially horses and dogs and spend as much time as I can when I’m not writing with my two horses and ‘rescue’ terrier. I hope readers enjoy reading the stories of my brave heroines and heroes as much as I enjoy writing them.

What one thing would readers be surprised to know about you?
I used to do long distance riding in Wales and completed the arduous ‘Red Dragon’ ride, getting lost in a bog in the process, after sheep ate the markers. (My trusty little mare, Sal, got us through, even though we both ended up covered in mud.)

What’s your guilty procrastination secret?
Google! It’s such a useful tool for research but it’s so easy to get distracted and follow a link to something unrelated to what I was searching for but which seems so interesting!

What does your writing space look like?
I share an ‘office’ with my husband Dave. It’s really a spare bedroom, is quite small, and long and narrow. We have separate desks and computers, but share the printer. At the moment my desk is covered in paper (chapters from my current WIP with comments from my crit group, waiting to be incorporated.) I have my desktop PC and keyboard, a rather large printer and scanner, and telephone. To one side I have some reference books and writing magazines sandwiched between blue plastic bookends, and above are some large bookshelves with more reference books and some ‘horsey’ books between two horsey bookends. (I have a lot more books in our main living room, a lot more!) I also have a lot of ‘nicknacks’, miniature bears and horses, postcards, a picture of Jimmy Thomas etc. sitting in any gaps in the bookshelves that can be found.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing? 
Ooh. Reading of course. Anything from Science Fiction and Fantasy to historical westerns. As I said earlier, I love spending time outdoors with my horses and dog, and also like tending to my small garden. I don’t watch much TV but I do enjoy a good film and wildlife programs

What can we look forward to with your upcoming or next writing project? 
I’m currently working on a ghost story romance. It’s really two love stories running consecutively, one set in the past and one in the present, in my native Wales. It’s mainly set on a horse farm and is quite a change from my usual Science Fiction romances.
Thank you so much for having me, I really enjoyed our interview. 

Learn more about Hywela Lyn here:
Amazon Author Page:

Before we wrap up our chat, let's get a peek at Beloved Enemy which is part of The Destiny Trilogy.
Cat Kincaid is obsessed with killing the man she believes is responsible for the torture and death of her sister, but when she eventually catches up with him, survival becomes a greater priority than revenge. 

Kerry Marchant, haunted by memories, regret, and self-blame, shields himself from the pain of the past by committing himself totally to the starship, Destiny, of which he is part owner. However, the beautiful, red-haired woman who reminds him of his lost love, and who he suspects is working for a corrupt regime, represents a possible threat not only to the ship, but to his heart. 

Marooned on an inhospitable planet, they need to work together to stay alive, fighting not only unknown assailants, but their growing attraction. But how can they learn to trust each other when he has vowed never to get close to a woman again, and she made a solemn pledge to destroy him? 

Amazon for Trilogy:


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely blog today, Darlene, I really enjoyed chatting with you!

  2. Lyn, It was great chatting with your too! Your writing space looks like it's a busy spot where lots of stories are created. Beloved Enemy sounds interesting. Be sure to stop by for a hot chocolate again soon!

  3. Great interview! The ghost story you're working on sounds terrific!

    1. Thanks so much Donna, yes, I hope to get the ghost story submitted by the end of the year, I'm enjoying the challenge!

  4. Loved you interview. Your work space looks like mine and I too share an office with my hubby! Beloved Enemy sounds intriguing as does the ghost story you are working on! Best of luck! Enjoy your week!

    1. Thank you so much,Tena, I know a lot of writers have to use a corner of the kitchen or living room,so we're quite lucky to have a dedicated 'office' space even if we share it! Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. Great interview! The ghost story romance sounds fascinating!

    1. Hi Kay, lots of people seem interested in ghost stories - it's really the first one I've triedand I'm having fun writing it!

  6. How wonderful that your favorite drink is Mead!

    1. I love the stuff! As I said, I don't drink very often, just 'high days and holidays' but it's a great treat, especially at Christmas!

  7. Lyn, as you know I love your work and will shout this again, and shout it out to all and all who will listen...there needs to be a movie made! Really, the first book, the one who inspired your series, would also make a fantastic tale like The Star Wars trilogy.

    Also, I'm jealous of your office. It looks so clean and dust free. I will never, ever share a pic of my "space" (which happens to be the kitchen table when I'm on the laptop. LOL)

    You keep going, girl. Your books are so descriptive and vivid, I think you can write anything. :)

  8. Aw, you are so kind and supportive, Miss Mae. I have to admit I'd love to see Starquest (and indeed, the other two in the trilogy) made into a film - one can always dream!

    As I said above I do feel lucky to have a 'proper' office even if I do share it. I have to admit it's not always that tidy - the papers tend to 'spread' across the desk!

    Thanks again for your lovely comment - coming from such a talented writer as yourself, it means a huge amount and I'm very flatttered.

  9. Thanks again for hosting me Darlene, I really enjoyed my visit and appreciate everyone who came by and commented!

    1. You're welcome here anytime, Lyn! And it was nice seeing so many guests stop by :)

  10. Good blog post Lyn! Sorry late but enjoyed catching up a bit.