Friday, October 6, 2017

Hit or Miss Summer Wrap Up

My Fall 'to be watched' list is back, but before I talk about the return of many of my favourite shows, here's a quick look at my Summer Wrap Up.

The Bachelorette - I was a Peter fan, but Rachel picked Bryan. They didn't seem like a match made from 'roses', but I hope they are blissfully happy. The episodes really dragged on. No need to be two hours, and what's with not having the rose ceremony at the end of the show. To be continued... is not acceptable. Rachel was a fun bachelorette, which made the show enjoyable, therefore I rated it a HIT. Not sure if I'll be watching the next Bachelor with Arie. Do viewers even remember him? From all the past guys to choose from, why didn't they pick Ben Zorn? Now that's a Bachelor worth watching.

Bachelor in Paradise - This was a definite MISS. The show was down-right boring. The hype about Corrine and DeMario received more attention than the actual show. Then to bring their scandal up again at the end of the show...why? That news was old, and no one cared. You could tell at the beginning there would be few lasting relationships, and you just wanted the show to be over. Taylor and Derek were a surprising match, but I'm happy Derek found love. Kristina should have thrown Dean to the curb long before the many tears she shed over him. Wells and Danielle were the highlight of the show. Then there's Ben, who left alone. At least his dog was waiting at home for him.

Amazing Race Canada - I lost interest in this show for a while, but after seeing the preview, I decided to catch the first episode. Sam and Paul were the team to beat and not surprising they won. But the main reason I stayed with this show was to watch Kenneth and Ryan. They were my favourite team from the beginning, and at least they came in second place. I enjoyed this season and rated it a HIT.

Big Brother - A definite MISS. I didn't like the bullying that went on in the house. Paul was a favourite from the last season, but I didn't like the way he behaved at times. Encouraging someone to bully another person just doesn't sit well, even if it is a game. However, putting that aside, Paul did play a good game with convincing everyone in the house he was on their side. He should have won. Every show needs drama, but the people in the house were over the top. Being mean to someone is just not funny. I found this season boring and I may not have continued to watch, but Cody in the jury house was too funny. His reactions to people's comments were priceless.

Outdaughtered - My daughter and I love this show. The Busby's (buzzbees) are adorable. Adam and Danielle are too cute together, and their girls are precious. Watching the quints grow up and develop their own personalities is fun. This show is a HIT and I'm anxiously awaiting their return.

I watched a few other shows, but the ones above were the most memorable for good and bad reasons. Now, lets get to the Fall line-up.

Survivor - I have watched every season. This is the only show I haven't swayed away from. It just keeps pulling me back in. Tribal council has me occasionally yelling or laughing. With only being two episodes into this season, I have yet to pick a favourite player. Stay tuned for updates on this one.

Designated Survivor - I love Keifer Sutherland! He was awesome in 24, so I had to watch his new show.  It has action and drama, and a good cast. Now into the second season, I look forward to this show every week.

Hawaii Five-O - Alex O'Loughlin and and Scott Caan, do I have to say anything else? Steve and Danny make this show. Their chemistry is fun to watch. This season started with missing two previous characters, Kono and Chin Ho. I miss Chin Ho already, but Lou and Jerry are favourites, and they need to include Danny's nephew, Eric more, who is played by Andrew Lawrence. There's no way you can't shake your foot to the theme song in the beginning. A must watch.

Gotham - Sometimes creepy, but dang good. The cast is great and the action is fast paced. This season, Bruce is entering into his Batman alter-ego. Never a dull moment with this show.

The Walking Dead - anxiously awaiting the return! Only a couple more weeks to go.

A few others to make note of:

Marvel Inhumans - a new show which caught my attention. The first episode was pretty good, so we're going to check out episode two.

Star Trek Discovery - this show was a miss. The first episode was boring. I had such high hopes, especially after seeing Sasha from The Walking Dead as a lead character, but it just wasn't interesting enough to continue.

Once Upon A Time - this show was a favourite, but now they have made a change to the story line and many old characters are gone. I just don't know what to expect. I will check out the first episode tonight and decide to stick with it or turn the channel.

And I couldn't continue without mentioning Game Of Thrones. Love this show! I have two episodes of season seven left to watch. There's no need to rush the season away because I've read season eight won't be airing until 2019. That's a long time for Winter, and no John Snow.

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