Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pillow of Dreams

In the October issue of Still Moments Magazine, I did a spotlight feature on an online shop I just had to share!

Every great dream begins with a pillow, and the artist behind Girliture knows a lot about making those dreams come true.
Working from a home studio, and with a design style of modern d├ęcor, Girliture started approximately four years ago. The business began more as a hobby, but within two years grew into a full-time business.
Girliture is an online shop, but wholesalers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, and Alberta carry the pillows. Many of the wholesalers order their own selection of specific pillows.
Girliture also creates and sells custom pillows which can be ordered from their website. For just sixty dollars you can order a custom pillow with the Polyfill insert included. Custom made pillows include themes for businesses, weddings, baby, housewarming, and everyday.
Girliture has made hundreds of pillow designs over the last few years!
One of the pillows they made for Joanna Gaines is part of Joanna’s decor at her Bed &Breakfast in Texas. A couple years ago Girliture was a selected as a blog sponsor on her Magnolia blog site.

While Girliture may be pillow crazy, they also have a selection of decor items to cozy up your home.

They’ve just launched a small decor line to go with their pillows and have started selling other types of pillows as well.
Girliture hopes to grow their decor part of the business. It will be a small, ever changing selection of items to go along with the pillows.
Girliture ships anywhere in Canada and the US, and their design styles change often, so don’t hesitate when that dream is waiting for a pillow to snuggle up with!
To learn more about Girliture, to see more of their beautiful designs, and to place an order, visit: www.girliture.ca

Original publication: Still Moments Magazine, October 2017

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