Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bubbles, Bombs, Soaps, and More!

I discovered Hartworks Gifts last year after attending a craft fair. I follow their site on Facebook and I recently purchased their Fruit Loop and Coconut Cream Bubble Scoops from a local boutique. The scents and bubble-soft-silkiness were delightful.
But there’s more than just bubbles at Hartworks Gifts. The owner of Hartworks Gifts moved from the UK over ten years ago with her husband and three young daughters, looking to build a better life for themselves. Karen’s day job is a qualified preschool teacher which she loves, but as her girls grew a little older and more independent, Karen felt the need for a hobby.

She started the business by importing soaps from a UK based company, Fragrant Finds, who is owned and operated by her husband’s cousin. To see what the markets were like here, she started with a selection of soaps and scented pebbles. Karen slowly started to pick up ideas through networking and customers needs. 

This process started steadily and did well, but about six months of going to craft shows, Karen wanted to make products to sell alongside the soaps. So, she started making bath bombs. That was three years ago and since then she’s been adding other products as time goes on.

Other than her awesome Bubble Scoops, Karen also makes Bath Bombs, Bubble Dough, Foaming Sugar Scrubs, Body Butter, Bath Bomb Cupcakes, Bath Salts, Shower Steamers, and Lip Balms. But she’s always looking for the next new product idea.
Designing and crafting items each have their own timing process. The Bath Bomb Cupcakes take a little while to complete as you have to let the base harden before frosting, and then leave the frosting to harden for a couple of days before packaging. “It can take a week or so for the cupcakes to be complete.” Karen said. “Bath Bombs can also take a little while as the humidity affects them, so you can mix and mold Bath Bombs fairly quickly, but they take a while to dry before I can shrink-wrap them.”
Karen’s creations of Bath Bombs are beautiful, such as the Honey Bee Mine. She also creates seasonal themes. At Christmas time, she makes her Bath Bomb Snowman. “I love making the snowmen as they have little fleece hats and scarves.” She also makes Christmas Bath Bomb Cupcakes and Christmas Tree Bath Bombs. Her Bath Bombs are a huge seller, but her Foaming Sugar Scrubs also do very well.
Karen accepts custom orders as long as its part of her product line. She doesn’t ship items, but this is an option she would like to offer in the future.

Karen loves attending craft shows as she says its great to meet her customers face to face and to have a conversation about her products. “Its nice to see returning customers who have followed me from craft show to craft show just to stock up and have a chat.” Karen said. “It’s also great when a potential customer says they were told by a friend who purchased her products to visit her table.” Karen has gained a large customer base just by going to craft fairs.

She likes chatting with customers and also fellow vendors, and has made some great friends through the craft shows. In fact, she wouldn’t be at the historic building store with K Penton Arts and Rude Love if she hadn’t gone to the craft show where she met Karl and they ended up chatting the whole weekend. 

Karen’s future aspirations are to build her product line, and she already has new ideas ready to design.
Pamper yourself with a few Bubbles, Bombs, and Soaps!
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Original publication: Still Moments Magazine, November 2017


  1. Hi, I enjoyed learning about the world of Bubbles, Bombs, and Soaps. Karen, good luck with your new product line. :)

  2. Thank you for visiting, Reggi. There's nothing like a warm bubble bath :)