Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rewind the Bachelor

I'm a fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I've been watching since Trista and Ryan, and I've probably only missed one or two seasons since then.
The premise is the guy or girl looking for their happy-ever-after in a room filled with twenty plus guys or girls. There's always one or two villains - you know - the guy or girl everyone dislikes and you can't wait until they leave. Drama sells.

What has changed since the early seasons, and to my dislike, is the guy telling a girl or a few girls that he's falling for them. Not cool! The guy should keep those feelings bottled up until the end. Then reveal their love to that one girl they get down on one knee and propose to. Tell the camera you are falling for a few, which makes your decision harder, but don't tell the women! Trista didn't reveal her feelings...she didn't even give Ryan a hint. She waited until the very end. Keep the suspense, leave the viewers hanging with excitement.

Another thing that's changed...the kissing. Bachelors are kissing women on the very first night. Let's hold back a bit boys! Get to know them a little first. And what's with all the tongue!? The camera needs to back off on those scenes. And turn the volume down. All that lip smacking noise and swap of saliva needs to be toned down. The current bachelor kissed several women moments after kissing one woman. Ewe...think of the germs. I sure hope there's lots of mouthwash being passed around. And kissing a woman in the view of the other girls, that's just not right! Have some respect for the girls standing on the balcony. Why not go back to the early days, when the guy waited to kiss a girl. Wait for that someone special to be the first to kiss.

In the current season, the bachelor is seen kissing a woman (passionately) in one scene and in the next scene he's sending her home. What?! Why?! Can you say 'mixed signals'. It's too much and the viewers aren't liking it. Respect the woman. Kiss a cheek.

The one new part I enjoy and I hope they keep in future seasons is having Chris Harrison as host on the group dates. His commentary is hilarious and adds to the show. He needs to be included more other than showing up at the end to let the women know this is the final rose, when everyone clearly sees one rose remaining on the table, lol!

Bring back the suspense of having the bachelor and bachelorette hiding their feelings to themselves. Keep the viewers guessing until the very end!

I must admit, I was shocked to see Arie send Tia home in this week's episode. I had Tia in my final two!

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