Monday, September 16, 2019

Book Spotlight - Images

I am excited to spotlight a book I just finished reading last week. Images is a mainstream thriller by Lauri Broadbent and published by The Wild Rose Press on April 15, 2019. Here's a peek at Images, and watch for my book review coming soon!
A lifesaving and highly secretive operation in brain cell grafting resulting in the recipient being drawn into his donor’s murder plan.

When Professor Michael Peterson learns he has a terminal brain tumor and is faced with no other viable options, he promises complete confidentially to undergo an experimental and highly secretive operation in brain cell grafting. While recuperating, he begins to have flashes of fragmented images that have no connection to his life. He soon realizes he is an unwilling participant in a murder plan initiated by his donor. Drawn into a maze of deceit and danger, Michael must choose between keeping his word to the person who saved his life or making an attempt to save the life of a complete stranger.


  1. Wow what a terrific concept for a thriller. sounds great

    1. Hi Gini, I recommend this read. Was out of my normal reading, but really enjoyed it.