Book Reviews

If you’d like me to consider reading your book, please read my review preferences and disclaimer (also found on Still Moments Magazine’s web page). Thank you.

I welcome review submissions in all romance genres, between a man and woman only.

I am also now accepting review requests for mystery/thriller/suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, and young adult.

I do not review books containing erotic, erotica, vulgarity, rape, incest, explicit sexual scenes with minors, or bestiality.

Formats accepted for review: ePub and Print.

Disclaimer: Although I try to read and review each book sent to me, I reserve the right to not post a review or to discontinue reading. I am unable to guarantee a time period of when the review will be completed. All books reviewed are either received from the author, publisher, or personal purchases.

All reviews are my honest opinion. As a published author, I know how important reviews are and how bad reviews sting. Even if a book is not to my liking, I try to find positive aspects of a story.

Reproduction or copying my reviews without my written consent is prohibited. 

Book reviews are published on this blog, Still Moments Magazine’s web blog, and Still Moments Magazine's digital issue. The review links are then promoted on the magazine’s Facebook Page, my reviewer Facebook Page, my Twitter feed,, and Goodreads.

To request a book review, use the 'Contact Me' form on my web blog and include the following information: Book Title, Genre, Tag Line, Back Cover Blurb, Heat Level, Release Date, Publisher, and Book Length (page count).

Please note: Due to the high volume of books in the magazine’s reading queue, a date of review completion is not guaranteed. However, if you are looking for a Priority Book Review, which places your book at the top of Still Moments Magazine’s review queue, I offer the following packages.
• $15 for eight week review
• $25 for six week review
• $35 for four week review.