Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Save My Page Bookmarks

A few years ago, I started designing ribbon and hook bookmarks with each one accompanied by a charm.

What started as a hobby has now grown.

My ribbon bookmark designs can be purchased in a local used bookstore, Dartmouth Book Exchange.

I have also designed bookmarks for multi-published authors. An author requested ribbon bookmarks to fit a western theme of her upcoming book release to use as swag. Another author requested an order of ribbon and hook bookmarks for a romance suspense story and she recently returned with a request for a Victorian themed bookmark order. I also received an order from an author for paper designed bookmarks to give out with her books.

I am now building my bookmark designs with card bookmarks. Each design will be laminated and have a ribbon and charm attached.

I hope to grow my hobby of designing bookmarks to a higher level in 2019 with having my bookmarks available in more bookstores and small crafty boutiques.

I welcome you to browse through my "Save My Page Bookmarks" designs (label link on the right of my blog). If something catches your eye, please contact me using the 'Contact Me' form to the left of my blog.

Disclaimer note, some bookmark designs may require alterations from the original design due to stock availability of charms and ribbons.

Custom designs are available.
Please contact me to discuss options. 

A few examples:
Hook bookmark
Harvest moon charm with stone.

Ribbon bookmark
Paw print ribbon with large heart and paw print charms.

Card bookmark
Custom design: Spell book with ribbon and witch charm.

Holiday themed ribbon bookmarks.

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