Friday, January 11, 2019

Live BookTuber

Holy *bleep* I am live on YouTube!

I decided a while back to take my sixteen years of reviewing books to a whole new level. I wanted to take them further...on a new adventure...into video. I first thought just voice recording would be the way to go because I don't want to be 'seen' out there in the scary universe of the web. But then I decided if I am going to do this venture right, then I have to jump in and get both feet wet, but I guess in this case it would be my face and voice.

What was I thinking!

My anxiety levels rose and my nerves tingled on edge. But I continued down the video path and started scripting my introduction. I thought my computer camera would be sufficient but the quality was poor. My daughter quickly reminded me that we own a video camera, which I completely forgot about.

At first, staring into that camera was daunting! But after several 'many several' recordings I kinda got into it.

Now the task at hand was to find a good place to record with lots of light. I picked my favourite spot...on the sofa, put the camera on a stool, and hit 'record'.

However, today was the pivotal day. After sharing my edited introduction video with my husband and daughter, I uploaded the file on YouTube and my channel is now live!

I'm an official BookTuber!

Yes, I'll probably stutter and 'um' and few times, but I'll get least I hope so, lol.

I've already recorded my second video...a book review, and this recording went much smoother as I didn't need a full script. I made notes on aspects and scenes in the book I wanted to talk about. I then just talked talking, which was easy because I love talking about books.

I am editing my first book review video this afternoon and hope to record a preview of my weekend reading as well.

If you get a chance, please stop by my channel and check out out my introduction.

Back to the recording studio! :)

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