Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sick with No Voice and Two Promos

I have been off-line for five days straight. The reason?
I caught the cold flu combo virus from hell.

My daughter had caught a cold from school, but it had symptoms of the flu mixed with it. She had this nasty virus for three weeks. Just as she was doing better, though still coughing, we thought we were in the clear, but last Friday, my husband caught it, and then I was smacked in the face with it on Saturday night.

Now, I just want to add that I haven't been sick in a very long time, I'm talking a couple of years for sure. That is not me bragging, that is just me stating the truth. So, to get this cold flu combo is down-right nasty as I think I am making up for all the years I wasn't sick. I have had cold chills for days and I can't shake them. I'm freezing all of the time, even when under a couple of blankets. I have the sore throat, the stuffed nose, the cough...and oh, that is just annoying. And on top of all that, I have lost my voice (probably from coughing so dang much).

I have videos to record, but that won't be happening anytime soon, though I am going to come up with something to post my March TBR.

And the admin! Well, I'll just say that my in-box is over-flowith. So, if you are waiting for a response from me, I apologize for the delay, but know that those emails are my priority and will respond to all of them today and tomorrow.

In the meantime, I know many are waiting to learn what the themes are for March's Cover Wars and Pick of the Month. I announced this theme during my #FridayReads video, though I forgot to post a link to it here. (Note to oneself...I got to remember to do that).

The themes for both are open, so no specific theme and all covers are eligible in the Cover Wars, and all book themes are eligible for the Pick of the Month.

Both are open for entries now and will remain open until March 10. To enter one or both, just send me an email using my Contact Form on the right. I will then respond by requesting your cover for the Cover Wars or cover and tag line for the Pick of the Month.

Hopefully, my voice will return and I will have a video to promote the cover wars on my BookTube channel where the covers will be promoted and people can start voting for their favorite. There will be a couple days to vote, but only one entry per person.

I will also view the entries for the Pick of the Month and choose a favourite to be highlighted during a #FridaysRead video.

If any questions, please contact me.

Here's to healthier days ahead...please!
Check out my #FridayReads video to learn my weekend read, a few new release promo shout-outs, and info on my new promos - Cover Wars and Pick of the Month.

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