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Book Review & Video - His Honor, Her Family

My extended review of His Honor, Her Family by Tara Randel.
My original review for His Honor, Her Family can be found on Still Moments Magazine.
There are no spoilers within this review, just subtle hints of the great read.
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His Honor, Her Family
Tara Randel
February 2019

She could be The One

If he’ll let her in.

The rustic mountain town of Golden, Georgia, is the ideal place for crime scene investigator Deke Matthews to heal after a tragedy left him questioning everything. But there’s another reason he’s here, and moonlighting as an adventure guide provides the perfect cover. It doesn’t include falling for his boss. Attorney Grace Harper is back in Golden only long enough to save her family business. Just when Deke has found the woman to share his life with...

Book Review
A sweet romance with plenty of family drama. I liked both main characters,

Grace and Deke, as soon as they made an appearance. Their connection was instant and following their growing romantic attraction was fun to read.
Grace Harper has a complicated family where she feels the need to take the lead. She is a lawyer from Atlanta and returns home to take care of the family business until her mother heals from a fall. Grace’s sister is married with two children and is never around to help out. Her brother always seems to be missing when needed. Grace carries a childhood burden of blame from her father going to prison for drugs.

Deke Matthews, a crime scene investigator, is helping his brothers’ search into the mystery man dating their mother, which has led him to the rustic mountain town of Golden, Georgia. He is also grieving the loss of his partner. He takes a job as a tour guide at Grace’s family camp and rental cabins.

Needing a time-out from her husband, Grace’s sister, Faith, arrives in town with her two kids and their mother wants Faith to work in the office. Grace wonders if Faith has left her husband.

While out in a canoe, Deke confesses to Grace about what happen to his partner, Britt. This is a touching scene.

Favourite Quote:
Grace: “But you want to play the field?”
Deke: “Are you kidding? Right now I have enough trouble just keeping up with you.”
Grace: “I’m special like that.”

Deke wants Grace to give their budding relationship a chance, but Grace insists she’s returning to Atlanta.

I really enjoyed the interesting twists in the story with the woman linked to Deke’s search, as well as Grace’s repeatedly missing brother.

Nathan, Grace’s brother, returns and drops a bomb about where he’s been. This ups the tension and action soon follows with a gunshot.

After returning to Atlanta, Grace realizes she misses home. The ending is sweet, but I wanted more. I wanted to know if Grace opened her own practice and what career move Deke made.

Well developed and complicated characters make this story, and the family drama drives the read.

The hints of mystery and the action near the end had me turning the pages.

I believe this is the second book in the Meet Me at the Altar series, and while I didn’t read book one, His Honor, Her Family stood well on its own. The story line includes brief details on the previous book, which connects nicely in this story.

The ending provides a hint of the next book starring Logan Masters and Serena Stanhope – who is keeping a secret of her own. I look forward to the next book in this series!

4.5 Stars

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