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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February Fur-Ever ~ Laura Strickland

Today I'm welcoming Laura Strickland and Lacy to Finding The Write Words! 
Laura is sharing her story of how Lacy became part of her family. And we're getting a peek at her book, Loyal and True.

Is It Chance, or Fate? 

Have you ever wondered how or why our pets come into our lives? Is it by chance, or are we fated to meet up with these particular souls, and make them part of our lives? My dog, Lacy, came to us in a way I believe answers the question. 

During our married life, my husband and I have rarely been without a dog. Our last dog, Jessie, was a rescue, and her end was hard. After she passed, we weren’t sure we were ready to adopt again, but Fate seemed to have other ideas. 

Since I’m interested in animal welfare, I’m hooked up with a number of rescue groups on Facebook. Those darling faces and heartbreaking stories pop up all the time on my feed, and I can sincerely say I lose my heart to every one of them. Only days after we lost Jessie, a little boy dog appeared on my feed, and can I just say he was the cutest thing? He’d been picked up from a ditch in Kentucky with his mom, and sent to our part of the country. But hubby and I weren’t up for a puppy. Wait…did they say mama dog? 

Some investigation showed us that the mama dog, named Lacy, was every bit as adorable as her puppy. I contacted the rescue, my heart already set on making things right for this lovely girl, only to find she had a Meet & Greet scheduled with another adopter. I was crushed.

I still remember how I felt that day, as if we’d lost another dog before we even had her. Husband and I went to a pumpkin-tossing party that afternoon and I had trouble enjoying myself. That’s when Fate stepped in. When we arrived home, I had a message from the rescue. The Meet & Greet hadn’t gone well. The potential adopter’s elderly dog hadn’t liked Lacy. Did we want to meet her? 

The rest, as they say, is history. Lacy’s foster mom brought her to visit, and she stayed with us. Her little boy puppy was also adopted by a wonderful young couple. Fate had her say, and her way. 

But Fate’s a tricky lady, and will test your commitments. We had Lacy only two years before receiving a diagnosis of inoperable Mast Cell Carcinoma. That’s where we are right now, giving her all the care, comfort and love we can. Maybe Fate chose us because she knew our commitment—and our love—wouldn’t waver. 

They won’t. We’ll be here for Lacy to the end, and she will know exactly how loved she is at that moment when Fate takes Lacy back into her arms. What do you believe? Do our pets come to us by chance? Or is there a larger plan? 

Loyal and True

In defiance of her father, Caledonian tribeswoman Barta leads a daring raid against invading enemy warriors. But the fight goes badly, and her beloved war hound, Loyal, is killed. Unable to imagine existing without her dearest companion, she nevertheless must return home and accept blame for her terrible blunder. 

For the first time in his life, Loyal is unable to rise and follow his mistress. When he appeals to the Goddess for mercy, she grants him leave to return on one condition: it must be in the form of a man. And only if Barta recognizes him for who he truly is will he be permitted to stay. 

Loyal never suspects that, as a man, his connection with Barta will deepen, becoming passionate enough to transcend nearly any change. Will Barta recognize him before he’s lost to her forever? 


  1. Thank you so much for welcoming me and Lacy here today!

    1. Hi Laura, so happy to have you and Lacy here today! Such a beautiful story about Lacy. I truly believe Lacy was meant to be with you. She's absolutely adorable.

    2. Yes, I think she was meant to end up with me. I will just keep loving her--fiercely!

  2. How wonderful that you're enabling Lucy to enjoy what good days she'll have left. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Laura: thank you for opening your heart and home to so many animals, esp. being there for Lacy. Yes I think sometimes Fate surely does play a hand in connecting people and pets. The hardest part is knowing you can't take them all.