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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Be My Guest - Anastasia Abboud - Tremors Through Time

Today, I'd like to welcome my special author guest, Anastasia Abboud. 
Anastasia is sharing a peek at her July 06, 2022, new release, Tremors Through Time. 

Before we take a peek at Tremors Through Time, let's get to know a bit about Anastasia! 

Anastasia, please tell us a little about yourself. 
    Thank you so much for hosting me, Darlene. I am thrilled to be here. 
   I love to play -- outdoors in nature or in my garden, experimenting in the kitchen, spending time with those I love. I also enjoy disappearing into a good book, attempting crafts, learning, writing, exploring, discovering. I especially like to mix it up and have yet to perfect any of it; and I've come to realize that perfection's not the point. It's all wonderfully fun. That's the point! 
    I prefer authentic and natural, be it food, lifestyle, people. I passionately enjoy both history and science, and certainly sociology to a degree, and I am most truly a romantic. 
    My husband Joseph and I have been married for over forty years. We live southwest of Houston, Texas. While we enjoy traveling, we also enjoy home because we’re surrounded by loved ones. It’s the first time we’ve all lived so close to each other and it’s a lot of fun! Our little grandchildren live just three minutes away and we have a blast with them.
    I thank God for this wonderful life. 

What is your guilty writing procrastination secret? 
If a scene gives me too much trouble, I’ll stop for a nap.
What does your writing space look like? 
I have a tidy writing nook upstairs where my PC is located. I love it. But I have a laptop, too, and I frequently sit down with it in front of the windows overlooking our garden or, when the weather’s nice, situating myself in the garden itself.

How do you come up with the titles of your books?
I usually pull them from the lips of my characters.

Do you work with an outline or just write?
Both. I don’t necessarily begin with an outline, and it changes and evolves throughout the process. But at some point, I do find it helpful in keeping track of the story.

Describe your writing in three words.
Emotional, romantic, satisfying.

Where did the inspiration for your current story come from?
Years ago, Julie Garwood’s Scottish Highlands romances opened up a whole new world for me. I fell in love with the highlanders and the Highlands. As I read more books from a variety of authors, time travel romances added another nuanced layer. But there are such wonderful time travel romances out there that I thought I’d do well to take a slightly different spin.

What can we look forward to with your next writing project?
I’m working – with a real sense of urgency -- on the sequel to Tremors Through Time.

Let's take a peek at Tremors Through Time

In the infinite vastness of time—past, present, future, past—love prevails.

She's made mistakes and paid the price, but Deidre Chisolm is no quitter. She'll never again be a fool for a man, not even her gorgeous new neighbor with his haunted eyes and strange accent. She'll be friendly, but nothing more.

Lachlann has to go back to fourteenth-century Scotland. He can't forsake his family, his son. But when a beautiful, kind, funny lady buys the house next door, he's never been so drawn to anyone in his life. Would she believe his story? After years of struggling through nightmares and flashbacks, headaches and illiteracy, dare he ask her to help him return?

Where can we find you and your book online?

Key Words: Time Travel Romance, Scottish Romance, Medieval Romance.


  1. Darlene, thank you for hosting me on this wonderful blog! WIshing you all the best!

  2. I enjoyed learning about how your interests impacted your writing. Great interview, interesting questions, and a wonderful insight into a talented author.

  3. I'm so glad you stopped by! Thank you so much. :)

  4. Who doesn’t live the Highlands! All the best !

  5. I so enjoy time travel stories in all their permutations. When I was young, I used think how romantic it would be to live in another era. And with books, I can do just that--without worrying about all the actual discomfort of it. LOL.

    1. LOL! Barb, I couldn't agree more! Thank you for stopping by! :)