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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Wall Art

Last weekend, I watched a digital art tutorial for this Wall Art. I always put my own spin on drawings and changed the clouds and used different colours for the sun and plant.

Thank you to Art With Flo for the tutorial. I learned a lot with layers as well as the tools that allow you to move a drawing to duplicate it (the stairs), as well as creating depth for the door and windows.
Looking forward to watching and leaning more from Flo.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Trickster A+ Content

If you check out my upcoming release TRICKSTER on Amazon, you will see the promo advertisement I designed for it. 

Did I forgot to mention that TRICKSTER is available for pre-order at a steal-of-a-deal 0.99!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Take Five Tuesdays - Live Concerts

Welcome to my new feature - Take Five Tuesdays!
On Tuesdays (holiday and weather permitted - lol) I'll feature a topic and pick my top five favourites.
I hope you'll stop by to join the fun!
~ ~ ~

Live Concerts

I love music. For me, listening to music is an escape and a way to relax. I listen to the radio while doing housework and I put earbuds in my ears and listen to some of my favourite tunes while vacuuming. Bluetooth has become my best friend, lol.

I enjoy several types of music, from classic rock, oldies, country, blues, jazz, pop, big band, sea shanties, and more!

I've been very lucky to see some of my favourite artists in concert. And while I've been to many concerts, here are my top five. 

1. Michael Buble
After a three year delay from Covid, I finally got to see him last year and tears welled up in my eyes when he stepped onto the stage. Sigh...

2. The Rolling Stones (x3)
My husband is a huge Stones fan, and they are amazing live. We've seen them three times and each concert was awesome, even the last one in the rain. No one rocks a stage like the Stones.

3. Blue Rodeo (x2)
These guys are awesome, and I know the words to almost all of their songs!

4. Heart
My two nieces took me to this concert, which was a rocking good time!

5. Van Halen
My very first live concert. My brother and sister-in-law (his girl friend back then) took me to this concert because I was in love with Eddie Van Halen. I wrote the VH logo all over my school scribblers, lol. Great night, great music, and I got to see Eddie!

What are your top favourite live concerts?

Friday, January 27, 2023

Lion Tribal Art

While scrolling through tribal art drawings, I came across this one of a lion and had to draw the king of the jungle!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Female 1

I wanted to try a more detailed digital art drawing, and this piece hit the mark. It has several layers of outlines and shading. It was fun to learn how to add lines and shadows for shading and depth.

I changed a lot from the original photo (by MadzArt) to give it my own drawing style. The hair in the original photo was short on the side (with no earring), and I didn't understand where the hair on the other side joined. It just looked off, so I continued the hair down her neck and toward the back. The eyebrows in the original were thick and resembled hockey sticks, so I made those thinner. And I completely changed the round pearl-like earring to stars.

It took several touch-ups to get the look I wanted, but I am really happy with the final piece. I've never been good at drawing faces and hands, so this digital art definitely put my drawing skills to the test.