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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Trickster New Release Book Tour

I'm celebrating the release of Trickster!

Follow me on my new release book tour, where I'll be sharing a recipe, answering interview questions, chatting about working with other authors in a series, and the colour of coves.

During the tour, I’m giving away a free PDF copy of The Mortar and Pestle Preview. This preview document is similar to the free prequel offered in Book Funnel, but the preview has tons of additional fun stuff – more graphics, book teasers, an inside look at how the series came to life, and much more! To get this free preview, pop over to my author website and send me a note using the Contact Form on the left sidebar. No rafflecopter, no contest, and no drawing of names. Just send me a note through the secure Contact Form. It’s that easy!

I hope to chat with you at one or more of the tour stops!

March 23 - Around the Fire with D.V. Stone

March 23, 2023 - 5 Star Book Review from N.N. Light

March 23 - 5 Star Book Review from Gini Rifkin

March 23 - 5 Star Book Review Amazon

March 23 - Shirley Goldberg

March 24 - Mary's Tavern with Mary Morgan

March 27 - Write. Read. Live with Cherie Coyler 

March 28 - Window Over The Sink with Liz Flaherty 

March 29 - Nan Reinhardt

March 30 - Sentiments with Jill Piscitello 

March 31 - A Little Romance with Anastasia Abboud