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Welcome to my blog! On my blog you'll find various styles of my art - published books, paintings, drawings, and more!


Welcome to my blog and art studio! 

About Me 
I reside on the Atlantic Coast of Canada where the summers are too short, and the winters are too long. Retired from a career as Director of Administration and Marketing, I now have eleven published contemporary romance books and I'm an artist at heart. When I'm not researching my next book or having a pencil, paintbrush, or a cup of hot chocolate in my hand, I'm with my husband, daughter, and one-hundred-pound yellow Labrador. 

More About Me 
I'm a published author who loves to bring a story to life. I grew up with my nose in a book and daydreaming. I am the author of ten published books with a small New York publisher. My eleventh published book in March 2023 will be my first step into self-publishing. I write stories about falling in love and happy ever afters. 

I'm also an artist who loves to draw and paint with hand drawings and painting fluid and abstract art. The title of 'artist' is huge, and I'm not sure my work is deserving of the title, but my family definitely says it is. Growing up, I loved crafting and making my own designs. Pencil drawing is one of my favourite creative channels, but my artistic eye also enjoys painting.

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