Friday, March 15, 2019

Book Review - Winning the Cowboy's Heart

Winning the Cowboy’s Heart
Karen Rock
February 2019

Jewel Cade wants two things— 

One is Heath Loveland 

The Rocky Mountain cowgirl has her heart set on becoming range boss of the Cade ranch. But first she has to accompany the son of her family’s longtime enemy—and her off-limits secret crush—on a cattle drive across Colorado. Discovering Heath shares her attraction only makes for a rockier road. Because Jewel has a sneaking suspicion that if she drops her guard, the cowboy might ride off with her heart. 

Between The Pages 
After reading book four of the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series, I though the feud between the Cades and Lovelands had ended, but I was surprised and so happy to see them still butting heads, which is a highlight within the series. The author once again draws you into her story with an emotional punch. You can see the connection between Jewel Cade and Heath Loveland in the first few pages. The story takes you into the hot sun and cattle range, and the growing relationship between Jewel and Heath, as the tom-boy girl softens under the stare of her enemy. It’s fun to watch Jewel’s character grow, and though you want to shake Heath a few times to get him to ditch his fiancĂ©e – who is clearly not right for him - he eventually does the right thing. Jewel and Heath are always putting everyone else first and it’s sweet to see them stand up and allow their voices to be heard. A Thanksgiving dinner brings the families together and reveals lots of little secrets and a couple of interesting spins I can’t wait to learn more about. The author has me captivated by this series and just when you think you know what’s going on, she throws in twists and turns to have you anxiously awaiting the next adventure in the Rocky Mountain Cowboy series. A must read!

4.5 Stars


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