Friday, January 17, 2020

Book Review - Always On My Mind

Always On My Mind 
Andrea Downing
February 2020

1972 - Vietnam, the pill, upheaval, hippies. 

Wyoming rancher Cooper Byrnes, deeply attached to the land and his way of life, surprises everyone when he falls for vagabond hippie Cassie Halliday. Fascinated and baffled, he cannot comprehend his attraction—or say the words she wants to hear. 

Cassie finds Coop intriguingly different. As she keeps house for him and warms his bed at night, she admits to herself she loves him but she misinterprets Coop's inability to express his feelings. 

Parted, each continues to think of the other, but how can either of them reach out to say, "You were 'always on my mind'?" 

Between The Pages 
This book was such an enjoyable read. I really liked how the story starts off with the main characters first meeting, weaving through their relationship, and then to their parting. The story takes the reader through their years apart and finally to a reunion. The author does a great job of holding your attention through the progression of time. A well-developed setting places you in the 1970’s with vivid scenes and language. The main characters are interesting to watch as they grow. Cassie becomes a strong and independent woman. Coop is stubborn and set in his ways, and you’ll want to smack him sometimes, but this is what makes him such a good character. As you turn the pages of each chapter, the anticipation rises as you wait for Cassie and Coop to find each other again. There’s a good supporting cast, providing an additional layer of enjoyment. At the end, I wanted a bit more. I wanted more from the reveal of the secret Cassie had been keeping from Coop, and more of their reconnection. But that’s just me and probably because I was so absorbed in the story. Drama and packed with emotion, I highly recommend this book.

5 Stars


  1. Thanks so much Darlene for the super review, and for taking the time to read always on My Mind. It's greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you, Andrea for such a great read! Looking forward to more :)