Friday, November 2, 2018

Hot Chocolate Addict

On Fridays, I will post a few of my favourite things, giving visitors a peek into the life of this 'Wife' for twenty-six wonderful years, 'Mother' of a college student, and 'Dog Mom' to two handsome yellow Labradors.

This first favourite that comes to mind, is my love of hot chocolate.

BUT, not just plain old hot chocolate. I like a little shot to spice up the taste. No, I'm not talking about a shot of booze, though I'm sure that would be okay too, lol. I'm referring to the bottles of flavoured syrup I purchase from Wheatons. I've tried Peppermint, French Vanilla,  Gingerbread, Candy Cane any more, but Coconut and Hazel Nut are my go-to's. When the bottles run dry and I'm waiting for my next trip to Wheatons, I break out the box of hot chocolate packets of Turtles, Coffee Crisp, and After Eight. I've even been seen breaking apart candy canes and mints and plopping them into my cup for the flavoured twist.
With the holiday season upon us I can't wait to go to Tim Hortons and order a white chocolate, hot chocolate with whip cream on top!

This favourite is a curious one to me, as I am not a big fan of chocolate. No chocolate bars or cake for me, just pass me the hot chocolate.

How often do I have a cup of this deliciousness? Every day...even during the summer! And if I miss a day or two of my steamy cup of chocolatety goodness, I get a headache from caffeine withdrawal, lol.

My name is Darlene and I am a flavoured hot chocolate addict.

What is your favourite drink?


  1. the idea of adding flavored syrups sounds fantastic. You're a chocolate connoisseur! (I'm a chocolate addict too)

    1. Hi Gini! You must try adding flavour, you will not be disappointed, lol!