Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Book Review - Cupid Comes to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch

Cupid Comes to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch
Hebby Roman
February 2019

Les Springer, a widowed rancher, hasn’t stopped grieving for his wife. When three of his friends cook up a Valentine’s Day weekend at his B&B, chaos ensues. The three cowboys go to an online dating site to find matches. The only problem is, no one ends up with who they pick… almost. 

Jackson Coleridge, Les’ best buddy, kisses the wrong woman at the wrong time… in front of the wrong woman. 

Jiggs Davis, Les’ ranch foreman, gets drafted at the last minute to squire one of the matched ladies… but she’s no lady. 

Jayce Fulton, Les’ rodeo champion friend, tries to corral the lady no one wants… until she turns on him. 

Harper Lewis, a social media guru, is divorced and thinks she’s looking for a husband… until she realizes she wants more. Can the cowboy she’s chosen meet her expectations? 

Lillian Mayfield, a widowed accountant turned florist, comes across as stiff and formal and still… grieving. Is she ready to open her heart and discover a new love? 

Cheyenne MacPherson, part Navajo and a sculptor, is dedicated to her work and feels the weekend is… one big mistake. Can a handsome cowboy change her mind? 

Eva Gonz├ílez, Les’ widowed cook and housekeeper, misses her children and longs for a sense of… family. Is she ready to start a new family with the man she loves? 

Book Review
An interesting story with a twist of more than one romance happening at the same time. There are several points of view in this book and in the beginning - as new characters are introduced - I found myself getting a bit mixed up with who was who, but the author does a great job by writing each character with their own personality which quickly clarifies each character. The chapter and scene breaks also help with introducing a new POV, making the transition of identifying the speaker much easier. The plot is done well with a Valentine’s weekend match up. Cupid’s arrow has some fun with the characters and mixes up the original pairing. Watching each romance develop was enjoyable, and the author added a nice touch of humour and drama to up the fun and tension. The beautiful cover will have you picking up this book and you won’t be disappointed.

4 Stars


  1. Thank you, again, Darlene! Loved the review! You're the best!

    1. Hi Hebby, the touches of humour and emotion were well done! Good job on your experimental piece.

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