Monday, November 25, 2019

Book Review - The Rancher’s Second Chance

The Rancher’s Second Chance
Leigh Riker
May 2019

He wants his ranch back… 

She won’t give it up 

Cooper Ransom comes home for one reason: to reclaim his land. Nell Sutherland’s family owns the ranch now, and she’s determined to prove she can run it. So she surprises Cooper when she makes him foreman. Cooper reconnects with the land and Nell, but can he have both? Or will the cowboy have to choose between the ranch he loves…and the woman he loves? 

Between The Pages 
This book was such an enjoyable read. The story draws you in with a strong heroine and a handsome cowboy. Nell is determined to prove to her grandfather, and everyone else, that she is the one to take over the family ranch, and Cooper wants to buy back his family’s land. The plot is a great blend of romance, family drama, and action. There’s always something happening within every chapter. You’ll want to know what will happen when PawPaw returns, what’s the real story behind Jesse, will they find the coyotes before they take down another cow, and when will Cooper and Nell put each other first. The twists and turns in this book are fun and keeps the pages turning. Including characters from past books was also a bonus. This is book five in the Kansas Cowboys series and I am currently reading book six, Twins Under the Tree, which stars Hadley, who played a role in The Rancher’s Second Chance as a guy you won’t like at first, but then you’ll grow a soft spot for him as his wife tells a story with her own POV in this story.

4.5 Stars

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