"An artist is a person who uses conscious skill and creative imagination."

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Female 1

I wanted to try a more detailed digital art drawing, and this piece hit the mark. It has several layers of outlines and shading. It was fun to learn how to add lines and shadows for shading and depth.

I changed a lot from the original photo (by MadzArt) to give it my own drawing style. The hair in the original photo was short on the side (with no earring), and I didn't understand where the hair on the other side joined. It just looked off, so I continued the hair down her neck and toward the back. The eyebrows in the original were thick and resembled hockey sticks, so I made those thinner. And I completely changed the round pearl-like earring to stars.

It took several touch-ups to get the look I wanted, but I am really happy with the final piece. I've never been good at drawing faces and hands, so this digital art definitely put my drawing skills to the test.

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