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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ghosts, Goblins, and Witches...I Don't Think So

I’m not a fan of Halloween. That’s a big statement, so let me explain.

As a child, I enjoyed trick-and-treating as most kids do. But one of my earliest unfavourable memories is wearing one of those plastic masks with the string going behind your head. The string hurt my ears and the mask made my face sweat which caused a rash to break out from forehead to chin. Nope, not a good night. I also didn’t enjoy the crowd of kids rushing from door to door. I preferred to linger at the back and wait my turn. The last thing I wanted was to get trampled by a teenager just for a sugary treat. Speaking of those sugary treats, I’m not a big eater of chocolate. I know...many of you are thinking I must be crazy. I do like a small bite of chocolate, but don’t indulge in the snack.

As a teenager that dislike for haunting grew. During a vacation trip with my family, we went to a wax museum. I was quite excited to see the figures and the first part of the tour was enjoyable. But then the experience went horribly bad. My (older by three years) brother informed me about figures up ahead that were moving and one tried to grab his leg. I knew he was lying, but I didn’t want to
tempt the small chance he might be telling the truth. This was my very first panic attack. I got myself so worked-up, my aunt had to cover my eyes with her hand and guide me out of the building. Not fun, and I gave my brother a hard punch in the arm afterward.

As an adult, I don’t watch horror movies because I don’t like being scared. I don’t get the attraction of going into a haunted house and having people dressed up in bloody outfits to scream at me or reach out to me. Can you believe that people actually pay to do that! I don’t get it.

As a mother, I loved dressing my daughter up and taking her out, while her dad stayed home to pass out the treats. Unfortunately, I may have passed my dislike for Halloween to my daughter. She dislikes the crowds and doesn’t eat much chocolate, but she enjoyed all the other treats. When she reached her teenage years, she was more than happy to take over her father’s role at the door to hand out the treats. We love seeing all the little children dressed up in their costumes. 

Needless to say, as a family, we don’t watch horror movies or go to haunted houses. And if you ever consider sneaking up behind me, you might want to think twice. I tend to swing first and ask questions later, lol :)

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against long as the haunting stays far from me!
I'd like to know where you stand. Are you yeah or neah for Halloween?

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