Monday, December 9, 2019

Book Review - Trapper's Moon

Trapper’s Moon
Gini Rifkin
December 6, 2019

As a free trapper, mountain man Kade McCauley is wary of the Hudson Bay Company. Their form of vengeance against those who are not part of the company can be deadly. When he and his partner are attacked, he fights back, only to discover one of his shots struck an innocent. A woman who touches his soul, and he will do anything to keep her safe. 

While searching for her Native American tribe, Blind Deer crosses paths with Kade—with near fatal results. Once she is patched up, she decides it is safer to travel with him than alone Their uneasy alliance turns to genuine caring, but Blind Deer's past gets in the way, and she must choose between love or old obligations. 

But nothing in life is carved in stone except the mountains, and those formidable peaks have been known to change the course of a man's life or a woman's. 

Between The Pages 
First, I want to say how beautiful this cover is. Blue is my favourite colour, so this book won me over right away. If I saw this book on a store shelf, I would pick it up to learn more about the story. And the story is truly an enjoyable read. Kade and Blind Deer are the perfect match. Their chemistry is sweet and emotional. Blind Deer’s background is filled with sadness that will pull at your heartstrings. You’ll want her to find her happy-ever-after and Kade fits the role as the endearing rugged hero. The secondary cast is outstanding with Tucket, Maggie, Nikota, and the mischievous Kinnapa and Kintama. Blind Deer’s bother, Nikota could definitely lead a story of his own. The historical aspect is very interesting. The added romance, bits of humour, drama, and tension makes this story a page-turning hit.

5 Stars