Thursday, July 11, 2024

Dog Dairies #6

Our Cane Corso was neutered yesterday. While some people don't agree with this process...and that's their choice, our choice was to have him neutered. There are positives to having this done. It helps reduce health issues later in their life. It also tends to calm a high active dog. We waited until he was a year old, which is recommended these days.

His surgery went well. The doctors and team at our local animal hospital are wonderful. Rambler is a reactive dog, so they take that into consideration when caring for him. They sedated him while I was there so he would be comfortable and no anxiety. 

When we picked him up, he was wearing a plastic cone of shame. Rambler is not a fan of getting into a vehicle, and that's our fault for not taking him in the car more, and add a cone which took up a lot of room, was not a recipe for success. He refused to get in the car. Forty-five minutes later, after many different attempts with treat bribes, the vet doctor removed the cone, and I put his head halter on, which allowed us to drag and hoist him into the car. What an ordeal during a heat wave with an 85 pound hyper dog..

He had a quiet evening and night. We didn't put the plastic cone back on. I work from home, so I am able to watch him if he happens to pick at his stitches. So far so good...fingers crossed.

It will take ten days for him to fully recover. I wasn't able to take the boys for a walk today and probably not tomorrow. But hopefully. the weather will cooperate on Saturday so I can take them for a short walk.

We got Rambler at eight weeks and it's been a very long and difficult ten months. This particular breed has a tendency to be reactive and because we aren't used to that, we've had to not only train him, but ourselves as well. We have to learn how to act and react in order to reduce his reactivity. We are really hoping the neutering will calm him and lower his anxiousness. He is a big baby with us, but he is a work in progress and has the potential to be a great dog...he is definitely getting there.

Next training session is teaching him to jump into the car, which he seems to have difficulty doing. But if he can jump on the sofa with no problem, then getting into a car should be would think. We want to be able to take him with us on day road trips, so this training is a must.

Always face each new day with positivity and the strength to take on what life throws at you.