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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June News 2022

Today is the first day of Summer - my favourite season...

And I have some exciting news to share! Edits and proofing are done on Derailed Hearts and the release date is September 28, 2022. I love the cover!
Single father and ER doctor, Ethan Marley, is ready to put down roots. He and his daughter embark on a train adventure across Canada from west to east coast. Boarding the train, he meets a woman who steals his breath, and he learns that she too is headed to Redford Falls. He is intent on maintaining a friendship only, but Jenn makes his heart race faster than the train.

Fashion designer, Jenn Martini, travels by train to Redford Falls to visit her father. Her plan for a solitude escape derails after meeting Ethan and his daughter. Sharing a confined-spaced cabin sparks an immediate attraction, and by the end of the trip, she longs to be a part of their family. Only as she opens her heart to love, do the scars from her past begin to heal.

With more in common than relatives in Redford Falls, is their love strong enough to overcome the truth behind the accident…and save their future?

If you spent time in Redford Falls, you might recognize the last name, Marley. Derailed Hearts dives into the eldest of five brothers, Ethan. I am excited to have you meet Ethan, his daughter Avery, and Jenn Martini, who also has a connection to Redford Falls.

I've been having fun writing the next story in Redford Falls - Jade's story. The words are coming so much easier than most stories. I'm not sure if it's the characters or the whole premise, but this story has definitely returned my passion for writing. I don't know how it will do in the world of self-publishing - which won't be until 2023 - but I'm enjoying writing about Jade and Eric.

After a short break from painting - because life just seems to get busy and the days pass too quickly - last weekend, I finally did my first Dancing Universe painting. This theme was inspired by artist Olga Soby. I watch  her YouTube videos as soon as they are uploaded. I have an obsession with space, so as soon as she started this series, I knew what I wanted to paint next - the Moon. I don't have a photo to share yet as I have to do some final hand touch-ups and a few coats of varnish. I hope to share a photo in my next newsletter. I want to continue this series with a painting of the Sun and one of Earth. I'm planning to design another video of other paintings I've done. This collection will include my silhouettes and bands. So, check out my YouTube channel in a couple of weeks for that!

We don't have any trips planned for this summer. Gas is too expensive to travel, and most cottage rentals are booked through the summer. We will take a few weekend trips to visit my aunt, and we're thinking about several day trips. We want to visit a Wildlife Park near our area as we haven't been there in a few years. There is also a farm we want to visit and a discovery centre. Both spots are local, but we've never been there. I'm mainly looking forward to relaxing in our yard to enjoy all the hard work we put into its renovation.

And in October, I will finally get to see one of my favourite music artists, Michael Buble. His concert was supposed to take place March 2020, but the pandemic arrived, resulting in the concert being cancelled. Fingers crossed third time is the charm!

Until next time... Enjoy a safe and happy Summer!

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