Monday, May 30, 2022

May News 2022

It's hard to believe it's the end of the month! May has flown by!

I've been so busy writing, editing, painting, gardening, reading, and setting up a shop for my paintings that the days just come and go.

However, we're approaching my favourite time of the year...Summer! And I intend to reward myself by taking many lazy summer days sitting in the yard lounging and reading.

I returned the last set of edits to my editor for Derailed Hearts on May 18. My editor sent me an email on the 27th stating that my manuscript was returned from the proofreading department earlier than she expected. She requested two changes, which I returned to her. The final galley should be sent to me this week. I have my fingers crossed for a release before the end of this years, so it looks like it might happen! I'll share the cover as soon as I receive a release date.

I've been working on writing Jade's story and submitted chapter four to my beta group last Friday. I've had such ups and downs with this project. I want to write the story, but I get these days of heavy doubt about continuing to write anything. Will self-publishing be just another let-down? My zoom group helps me stay positive, so I continue to write. And I am really enjoying this story, so I will keep going until I get to type The End. Will it then actually be the end, or will I continue with Max's story? Only time will tell.

I finished several more painting that are ready for sale. The paintings I sell are on a thin 9 x 12 canvas which is cheaper to mail. I need to update my painting web site to add three more pieces. I've also been painting just for myself. I've wanted to try a flower blow-out to place on the wall in the bedroom. I decided to use two canvasses, but paint as though they were one. This is the final piece which I am so thrilled with the outcome.
I love this painting!

Next, I want to try a Dancing Universe painting, inspired by artist, Olga Soby. I want to do a moon in space. I was also inspired to try another flower, but this time a sunflower. I want to try the chain technique again and also the glue gun. I watched videos by two artists and I'm going to combine both of their techniques into one.

I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel of some of my gradient paint pours. Here's the link, but I will also load it to this site very soon.

We reconstructed our side yard. I wanted to move the rock garden from the centre to allow more of an open space. This was a huge undertaking. I had to dig up and transplant all the flowers and bushes before they started to bud. We also had to dig up the umbrella clothes line pole and place it in a new spot. Then we had 6000 pounds of gravel delivered. The truck extended a boom from the road and shot the gravel into the yard. The project was a lot of hard work, but the final outcome looks great. All my flowers and bushes survived the transplant and thriving in their new spots, with the exception of my winter heath. Two of the three are doing well, but I'm afraid I might lose the third one.
This is the mound of gravel in front of our shop.

I received a lot of priority reads through the magazine. So many that I had to stop writing for two weeks in order to make the set deadlines. I am on a role with reading some great books. I don't think I've given a review lower than 4 stars. I have three new priority reading requests, but I'm slipping in a few regular reads into the pile before the regular reads get out of control.

New site...
I placed four of my paintings on Etsy. I don't think I will maintain this shop for too long as there are so many fees to run it, but I'm hoping the site will give my paintings some exposure and lead people to my website where they are available for purchase. And even if my paintings don't sell, I might be disappointed, but not that much. I paint because of the enjoyment and escape it provides. And when the den becomes too crowded with art work, maybe someday I will sell them at a crafters market. 
June 02 Update: Etsy Shop Closed.

My husband and I also celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary. We got dressed up and my daughter took lots of photos. We even recreated a few poses from our wedding day.

I almost forgot to mention the awesome exhibit my daughter and I went to this past Saturday. My daughter treated my to Beyond Van Gogh. The art exhibit was amazing! The production was so well done. I could have stayed in the main room and watched the display for hours. 
This is one of many photos my daughter took. She also took a few videos that show the movement of the exhibit. I hope to upload a video soon.

After weeks of rain, cloud, and cool days, we finally have some nice weather. Today actually hints at summer! I went outside after lunch and picked lilacs. The house smells so good! I don't remember my lilac tree blooming so early in the year. They tend to bloom in June because I always brought a bouquet to my mother on her birthday. Lilacs were her favourite flower and today's two bouquets sadly but happily remind me of her.

Until next time, take care.

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