Monday, August 26, 2019

Book Review - Her Cowboy Sheriff

Her Cowboy Sheriff
Leigh Riker
January 2019

Will a lawman and a little girl… 

Give her a reason to stay? 

Annabelle Foster has big plans to leave Barren, Kansas, until an accident makes her guardian to a little girl. Annabelle has zero experience with children and turns to Finn Donovan for help. But while both Annabelle and Emmie start falling for the strong, guarded sheriff, Finn is haunted by his own tragedy. Can one little girl make them believe in their future…as a family? 

Between The Pages 
A sweet heartwarming romance. A solid plot with the main characters both having tragic pasts. Annabelle can’t wait to leave town after a troubling childhood, and Finn hasn’t recovered from a death in his family and determined to get revenge. The author crafted two well developed characters, which will have you wanting to know what happens next. The story includes two interesting mystery sub-plots. Will Annabelle find Emmie’s father? Will Finn get his revenge? These questions have you turning the pages to know the answers. The author draws you in with a punch of emotion. Her Cowboy Sheriff is book four in the Kansas Cowboys and I look forward to reading book five, The Rancher’s Second Chance, which is Cooper’s and Nell’s story who both appeared in Her Cowboy Sheriff.

4 Stars

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