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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Trickster Early Book Review

I just saw this early book review on Goodreads for Trickster.
5 Stars!

"Trickster is included in the Mortar & Pestle series which is penned by various authors. However the story is set in Redford Falls so fans of that series will enjoy this fun read as well. There is a delightful touch of myth and magic and the Redford Falls rabbit also makes an appearance. This well thought-out story has believable and relatable characters and the pacing keeps the story moving. The relationship between Jade and Eric is a beautiful reminder of all those exciting feelings that are so special and unique when meeting and being with someone for the first time. As with all of Darlene Fredette's books, I enjoyed this one and recommend Trickster and all her books for a satisfying read that will leave you smiling."

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