Monday, May 14, 2018

Writing Hiatus Over

After a long (weeks and weeks of no words) writing hiatus, last week I finally wrote a chapter on a new story...and during one of the most busiest weeks for me.

My family adopted a new Yellow Labrador. Here is the little eight week old pup being introduced to our ten year old big boy.
We decided to adopt a new puppy while our big boy was still of age to tolerate a youngling bouncing around his legs. We also hope he can train the puppy in all avenues of potty training, personality, manners, and an overall great dog. He wasn't too sure about the puppy at first and mainly tolerated him, but after a few days they were playing 'tug' together, and after a week, my bog boy doesn't get up every time the puppy wants to cuddle. I see a tight bond of brotherhood developing. 

I could talk about my boys all day, but back to writing. Since my last manuscript required requested edits from my managing editor, I haven't been writing a lot. I completed the edits, but still have to give it one last read before resubmitting. Unfortunately, life got busy. I haven't returned to my manuscript or written a new word since the end of February. I will get back to my original story and get it submitted by the end of the summer, but just last week, I wrote a chapter on a story that's been an idea for over a year now, but is finally seeing the light. I hope to get more written this week, but I am not rushing it. Life is busier then ever with a new puppy, which equals many sleepless nights (me) and a barely rational thinking person(me) during the day. The writing will come more frequent as the 'training' is complete.

I'll pop back to 'blog' when time permits. In the meantime, check out Still Moments Magazine where the writing never stops. 

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  1. wonderful you have a new puppy and buddy for your older dog. Still waiting for my edits. trying to start something new too. Seems a struggle this time. Just rescued two Nigerian dwarf goats, my older goat is not sure about the situation and the donkeys were rather inhospitable at first. Hoping all will soon chill out and enjoy the summer together.